Official party documents


We encourage you to read the Democratic platform in its entirety.  As to the Republican platform, we think it’s important to recognize a few key points extracted below.

Iowa Republican Platform 2022

iowa-republican-platform-2022 searchable text doc

Their first key point under Life: “Life begins at conception and must be protected to natural death.” (forcing women to carry nonviable fetuses to term). Elsewhere in this section: “We oppose the use of chemical abortifacients to end human life” (this would outlaw IUDs and probably other forms of birth control).

Their first key point under Liberty: “Repeal sexual orientation and gender identity as a protected class.” Elsewhere: “We recognize only two biological sexes: male (XY) and female (XX)…We encourage the repeal of any laws allowing any marriage that is not between one natural man and one natural woman.”

Under Property: “9. We demand the end to property tax, and restructuring funding to a sales tax.”

Under Commerce: “4. We oppose all government mandates and efforts associated with alleged man-made global warming or climate change.”