Our mission is to promote the principles of the Democratic Party – to elect Democrats in Clarke County, Iowa’s 3rd Congressional District, the State, and the Nation.

We believe in:

  • the right to health care, including full reproductive health care and new legislation to protect women’s lives
  • environmental responsibility and the use of clean, renewable energy
  • a  living wage and humane working conditions, supported by the right to unionize and the restoration of full bargaining rights for public employees
  • keeping public education funding in public schools
  • a tax on extreme wealth
  • expanded health care, education, employment, and housing assistance for our veterans.
  • a fair path to citizenship for undocumented workers and those brought to the United States when they were children. american-us-flag-icon-8326 

We have members from the following communities:

Osceola, the county seat of Clarke County

For news posts, check our Clarke County Iowa Democrats Facebook site

If you have a specific item you would like to see posted on the website, please contact Sandra Baringer, sbaringer@gmail.com.


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