2018 Candidate Statements

Fred Hubbell
candidate for governor. Click on the name to go to his website, with issues and priorities updated frequently as the election approaches.

Dave Loebsack
candidate for Congress, Iowa second district. Click on the name, as above.

Richard Foster, candidate for state representative to Iowa legislature, 27th district.
His priorities:
– protect our waterways and defend our natural resources.
– fully fund public schools.
– de-privatize state healthcare and rebuild our mental health system.
– end corporate welfare and giveaways at the expense of everyday Iowans.
– require an open budget process allowing for public oversight.
– modernize state vote tracking system so votes by each legislator can be
searched and accounted for.
– work with local party committees for more direct public input.

Michelle Murphy Rivera, candidate for Clarke County Attorney.
Grew up in Osceola, salutatorian from Clarke County High School; Summa Cum Laude degree from Simpson College, Indianola; law degree from Washington University in St. Louis (top 20 law school; appellate Public Defender for Eastern third of Missouri for 5 years; prior experience in Clarke County with family firm Murphy Law Office and Murray City Attorney.
Her statement:
“I have been privileged to serve as your Clarke County Attorney for the last seven years, working closely with law enforcement to bring both compassion and justice to every criminal and juvenile case, and to work with all County employees with any questions and concerns they may have.”

Peg Cummings, candidate for Clarke County Recorder.



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