2022 Candidates

Governor: Deidre DeJear https://www.dejearforiowa.com/issues

U.S. Senate: Mike Franken https://frankenforiowa.com/issues/

3rd Congressional District: Cindy Axne (incumbent) https://cindyaxneforcongress.com/issues/

Attorney General: Tom Miller (incumbent) https://iowansformiller.com/ (scroll down to ‘priorities’)

State Treasurer: Mike Fitzgerald (incumbent) https://www.democratictreasurers.org/treasurers/iowa-michael-fitzgerald

State Auditor: Rob Sand (incumbent) https://robsand.com/issues/

Secretary of State: Joel Miller https://joelmiller.org/

Secretary of Agriculture: John Norwood https://www.norwood4iowa.com/priorities

Clarke County Recorder: Peg Cummings https://www.facebook.com/people/Peggy-Cummings-for-Recorder/100082060712680/

Clarke County Supervisor: Marv McCann


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