General media recommendations for students and other readers

The links on this page are not all official statements of the Democratic Party, nor are they officially endorsed by the Democratic Party, unless the content at the link so indicates (for example, the 2016 Democratic Party Platform is an official party document). We are providing these links for general educational purposes, for students and others interested in what journalists and other analysts are saying about issues and candidates important to Democrats.

Bleeding Heartland Iowa news coverage from a liberal perspective.

Iowa Starting Line Iowa political news blog, content-heavy.

The Intercept – Lengthy analysis by serious investigative journalists. A nonprofit founded by Glenn Greenwald and Jeremy Skahill. – the non-partisan “Truth-o-meter” staffed by professional news organizations.

50 recommended books and films

Politico Magazine – in-depth national political coverage.

Slate Magazine – general coverage of current issues.


In These Times

Z Communications – Z Magazine and Znet both accessible at

Daily KosDaily Kos is a news aggregator website with a humorous perspective.

CounterpunchCounterpunch is the political journal created by Alexander Cockburn, who died in 2012. It is still generally considered to be one of the best sources for analysis from the ‘radical’ left.

Common Dreams – Common Dreams is a national on-line publication for the progressive community, providing opinion-editorial analysis by a number of commentators. – general info about Congress, bills in Congress, and underlying issues. – Unbiased voting information from the League of Women Voters; voting records of state and national elected officials.


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