Statement of Principles, Iowa 2nd Congressional District Democrats

Reaffirmed by 2nd District Democrats April 10, 2021

1. We believe the purpose of government is to act on behalf of the public good, to create and  execute policies and laws that promote and protect everyone’s human rights equally, to  protect our shared environment, to promote justice, safety and security and to oversee the  equitable distribution of resources, affording all citizens the opportunity to attain their highest  level of social, cultural, economic, mental and physical well-being.  

2. We value diversity. We are committed to the inclusion and full participation of diverse  populations in our society, in the Democratic Party and in the democratic processes of  government regardless of status within any protected class such as age, race, gender,  religious belief, sexual orientation, gender identity, physical characteristics, associational  preference, ethnicity, disability, illness or language.  

3. We affirm our commitment to social and economic justice. Whenever the rights of any of our  citizens are threatened, the rights of all are endangered. We take seriously the obligation to  uphold the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, to preserve, protect and secure basic human  rights, civil rights and civil liberties.  

4. We believe in a society in which fairness and community are guiding values, where every  person has an equal opportunity.  

5. We believe the family, whether traditional or non-traditional, should be sustained and  enhanced. We share, through government, the responsibility to assist those families who  cannot adequately provide for their members.  

6. We believe a full and rewarding life includes access to, and the opportunity to participate in  and support the arts and humanities.  

7. We reaffirm the separation of church and state. 

8. We support military/veterans care. 

9. We support candidates running as Democrats in the Iowa Second Congressional District  who adhere to this Democratic Platform. 

10. We demand that our governing bodies develop policies promoting sound energy practices,  permanently protecting our environment, and addressing the problems of global warming.  We cherish our land and family farms and deplore the concentration of food production in  the hands of a few corporations. We recognize the fundamental right of all peoples to safe  and healthy food sustainably produced.  

11. We believe a healthy American economy depends on the dignity with which the American  worker is treated. We affirm the right of all workers to bargain collectively and support  organized labor. A sustainable economy and job growth depend on a positive climate for  small business development. We support a progressive system of taxation. 

12. An informed citizenry is essential for a democratic society. We are strongly committed to  free public education and providing accessible, affordable, and lifelong quality education to  all at all educational levels.  

13. We are committed to honest and open government. The complexities of crime and violence  demonstrate the need for multifaceted solutions involving legislation, education, community  action, and personal responsibility.  

14. We believe all people have a right to accessible, affordable, quality health care and the  benefits of continued medical research.  

15. We affirm the ideal of a world in which all peoples live peacefully with tolerance and good  will toward others. United States foreign and domestic policy decisions should promote that  ideal.


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