A letter from Rich Higdon, candidate for state representative

Greetings! It’s a great honor to run for the Iowa House of Representatives from District 27. My education and experience enable me to be able to serve you and Iowa.

I graduated Lamoni High in 1975 and went on to earn a degree at Graceland University (79) in economics, business administration, and history. I hired on with International Harvester in their finance department and worked for them for about 7 years in California. While there, I earned a Masters’ in Business Administration from Pepperdine University (82). Graceland then asked me to come back and teach in the business department. I taught for a semester, then followed my wife into the US Air Force, Medical Service Corp (medical administration). I served our nation as an officer for 20 years, retiring honorably as a Major in 2009. I did tours in Cheyenne, St Louis, Japan, and Washington DC, where I served for almost 10 years. My highest award was the Defense Meritorious Service Medal. I also received the Global War of Terrorism Medal for service in Iraq (05). Then I was hired as a military contractor for the US government to teach logistics to the Afghan National Police. I did that for 4 years. Now I chase cows on the family ranch in Lamoni.

I know that governments can work for the people if led properly because I’ve seen firsthand both good and bad leadership. I have three core reasons why I’m asking for your vote.

First, economic development. I know that’s a little like saying I’m for “Ma and apple pie” but specifically, I’m for building the economic infrastructure that attracts businesses. One of those elements is surface water. We need water for businesses wanting to locate in our district. The reservoir project near Osceola needs to be completed. My opponent, Representative Joel Fry, is either opposed to the reservoir or can’t make it happen. The will of the people, supporting this project, is overwhelmingly clear. It will be a top priority for me.

Second, we need to support our public schools. I’m a product of the Iowa public schools and I know how central schools are to our children’s education and as a center for small towns. Our schools need to get their budgets on time, get paid for the students attending the current year, and enable our teachers with the resources they need. I’ve been endorsed by the National Education Association for my strong support of public education. My opponent votes for home schooling bills that move resources away from our public schools and, because he homeschools, would significantly increase money coming into his household.

Third, I’m against the state intruding into the private medical lives of Iowans. Rep. Fry pushed legislation that would require every woman who had the tragedy of a miscarriage to report it to the police, file a death certificate, and involve a funeral home for the remains. That is outrageous! Iowans are better than that.

Thanks for your time to read some of my thoughts. I look forward to hearing from you and I hope I can serve you in the Iowa House.

– Rich Higdon, r.higdon57@yahoo.com


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