State Party Chair Forum Jan. 23

To: SW Collaborative Members & Party Leaders:

Who Should Lead the Iowa Democratic Party?

Chair Candidate Forum

Monday, January 23 at 7 pm

Hosted by Southwest Iowa Democratic Collaborative & Heart of Iowa Dems

Moderated by Deidre DeJear and Joey Norris


The State Central Committee will be voting on officers January 28. As both hosting groups are made up of mostly rural counties, one focus will be on hearing each candidate’s proposals of how they will support rural areas in the future, as well as working to elect more Democrats in all precincts across the state. 

Each chair candidate will answer questions in a rotating order and will have time to share about themselves and their plans for the Iowa Democratic Party. Candidates for other offices will each have time to make a statement.

To the best of our knowledge as of January 18, candidates running for chair, in alphabetical order, are Rita Hart (Clinton county), Bob Krause (Des Moines county), and Brittany Ruland (Polk county). Brian McLain (Polk) is running for Vice Chair.  Alexandra Dermody (Scott county) is running for treasurer. Two other people (vice & treasurer) have expressed an interest and may participate.   If you know of anyone else that is running for Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, or Secretary, please let us know so they can be included in the forum.

This is a chance to learn about these candidates and then to follow-up with input to your State Central Committee representatives. 

Please share this with people in your county and/or district and ask for any questions they want to submit in advance.

We’ve attached a graphic that can be used on your facebook page or anywhere else. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. 

Kathy Focht
Chair, Iowa County Dems

Heart of Iowa Dems (Benton, Iowa, Marshall, Poweshiek, Tama)


Jan Norris
Chair, Montgomery County Dems

Southwest Iowa Democratic Collaborative



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